Nov 25 2021, by Fleetwood Urban

Ready to get your project started? Not sure how? Let’s talk.

5 Easy tips for making your next project a success with Fleetwood.

“We really love what you guys do, but we’re not sure how to get started. What’s the best way to involve Fleetwood on our project?”

It’s amazing how often we get asked this question! Knowing how to get started can be the trickiest part of many projects, especially when you’re not simply buying a generic structure out of a catalogue. The good news is, getting the ball rolling with Fleetwood could be far easier than you think – and you don’t have to make any commitments to do it, either.


Your project, your way.

From sites and stakeholders to briefs and budgets, every project is unique. That’s why we’re always flexible in the ways we can start working with you, long before you’ll need to sign any contracts. Do you want full end-to-end project delivery? Stage-specific services? Preliminary budget testing? Concept feasibility recommendations? Or perhaps simply the opportunity to throw your ideas around with a team of experts?


Whichever option is right for you, at the heart of our approach is DesignExecute2 (DE2) – our bespoke inhouse delivery process. Developed in close consultation with Fleetwood customers over many years, it has four highly flexible stages: Discover, Develop, Detail and Deliver. Each of these is designed to work seamlessly together. But they can also be used in isolation depending on your precise requirements. It’s your project, after all. DE2 lets us deliver it on your terms.


Fleetwood’s Top 5 Engagement Tips.

We’ve been successfully working with Australian councils, developers and landscape architects for more than 50 years now. While every project is different, we find there are five things that consistently help to deliver great outcomes for our customers. They’re well worth keeping in mind if you have any upcoming projects.

1. Don’t be afraid to reach out

Whether your brief calls for 10 bridges or a single shade structure, one thing is almost certainly true. Early engagement can be the secret to a brilliant outcome. We sometimes find people are reluctant to get us involved right up front, as they don’t want to waste our time when there are no guarantees. Rest assured, it’s not wasting our time – or yours! Even if there’s no contract to award just yet, or you’re not entirely sure what the true scope of the project is, pick up the phone and get in touch. A simple conversation could have a huge impact on the success of your project. We’re always here to help, in whatever way we can.

2. The earlier, the better

There’s no such thing as ‘too early’. The sooner you contact us, the deeper our understanding of your vision will be. There will also be more time to explore all of your options, test your budget and deliver exactly what you want for your project. The process will be smoother and more efficient too, especially when it comes to managing stakeholder expectations, the construction programme and working around the other contractors who’ll need to be on site.

3. Clarity is everything

Sometimes a project brief is crystal clear from day one. But, for all kinds of reasons, often it isn’t. With decades of hands-on experience, we’ll work with you to help clearly define and document your project’s objectives, budget and schedule in a way that can be realistically achieved. Doing this provides confidence to all stakeholders and informs the entire process, ensuring everyone is working towards the same end goal. It also helps to avoid costly changes and delays down the track.

4. Engagement never ends

Great outcomes typically come from great collaboration and communication at every stage of a project. This is exactly what we do at Fleetwood, guided by our DE2 delivery process. From start to finish we’ll keep the communication channels open, regularly checking in with you and your team (and your wider project stakeholders, if required) to keep things running smoothly and make any running adjustments. You’ll always know exactly where your project is at.

5. Less is more

How many contractors does your project really need? It may be fewer than you think, especially when you directly engage a partner like Fleetwood with end-to-end inhouse capability – from design, engineering and detailing to fabrication, delivery and installation. For example, customers sometimes think they need to engage first with an external designer and engineer for projects like bridges and shelters. In most cases this simply isn’t necessary. By streamlining your project team, you can avoid a lot of double-handling – not to mention avoid paying additional contractor mark-ups, delivering your project big savings in both time and money.

It’s never too early to start talking about your next project. Contact Fleetwood today. Call on 1300 989 100 or use the contact us form below. 

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