Aurora Entry Park
Aurora Entry Park
Aurora Entry Park

When our friends at Spiire were asked to deliver something special for Lendlease at Aurora in the Entry Park, they turned to Fleetwood to help them make their challenging concept a reality. It was a concept that included a combination of play, shade, solar energy, lighting and public art – something right up our street!

The Challenge

  • The project included a complex structure in terms of design, manufacture and installation.
  • The outcome needed to maintain a sleek and vibrant aesthetic while being structurally sound. It needed to emulate the great Aurora Australis, Southern Lights and stimulate kids to play intuitively, rather than be directed.
  • Incorporating clean, green energy, ideally solar, was a must.
  • The outdoor structure needed to include shade in certain parts.
  • As always, deadlines were important and delivery times were tight. For projects like this, DesignExecute2 is the perfect delivery model, because it provided the methodology for delivering the entire project.
DesignExecute2 Process at Aurora Entry Park
01 Discover
02 Develop
03 Detail
04 Deliver

01 Discover

  • Fleetwood worked closely with Spiire to bring this symbolic representation of the community to life and based the entry feature around the concept of an ‘Aurora’ or Southern Lights.
  • We worked with Spiire’s initial design and thought-out the project offered our advice and expertise on practicality and other possible design solutions.

02 Develop

  • The design went through various stages of refinement before we agreed on something that was buildable, iconic and fit within a reasonable budget.
  • Conceptual designs and animations were created to show the interaction between various structural elements including the lighting effects and proprietary play integration.
  • At this stage we also looked at solar integration and solutions for shade, access and safety.

03 Detail

  • Engineering drawings, checks and suggestions were made at this stage to confirm the connection methods, member sizes and methodology.
  • We also developed various shadow and lighting diagrams to provide a clear illustration of how the structure reacts in different conditions.

04 Deliver

  • The manufacturing of this structure was complex and required attention to detail and close coordination through the entire process. The integration of various materials, including stainless spheres, painted steel and proprietary components, meant that only specialist equipment could be used.
  • On site, our riggers worked closely with Lend Lease and Spiire to ensure that everything came together in line with the original plan.
  • We then installed complex proprietary systems, including solar panels, remote-programmed lighting system and glowing swings developed specifically for this delivery.


These pod seats were custom made to meet the design intent. They are a smooth fibreglass material which is finished in a special coating that gathers light during the day, to be luminous at night. The seats were intended to be used as pods to swing in, lie in, climb through etc.

Cantilevered areas

The main structure required many cantilevered areas and needed to meet the design intent of touching the ground lightly as well as being one sinuous form. As a result, the pipe is of considerable size and where it touches the ground, the architect wanted to express it as a seat form, so it was not only structural but an aesthetic form that had a play/rest function to it.

Climbing inhibitors

When going through the design development and initial play auditing, it became clear that climbing inhibitors were needed. Several solutions were conceptualised, and the final selected solution can be seen here. Large stainless steel balls of such a size to prevent climbing up the structure. This concept resonated the most with stakeholders, because it signified the planets being seen in the night sky, a fitting addition to the Aurora.

Southern Lights

The whole thinking of this project began by considering the name of the development (Aurora) and the reference to the Southern Lights. That’s why the structure is lit up at night, by a custom lighting display designed and installed by us. It goes through a range of carefully programmed colours, to replicate the Aurora. It adds to the overall form and beauty of the project and playspace.

It all came together in a very seamless process, I was amazed at how everything fit together so neatly and precisely. One of the advantages of working with Fleetwood early on is being able to collaborate on costing upfront – figuring out what will work, and what won’t. Nailing down what will fit within the budget, and where we might need an alternative solution. Even when some aspects of the design seem really challenging, we know Fleetwood will think outside the box to come up with a creative approach that works within the budget. That kind of collaboration is priceless.

Matthew Bradbury Senior Associate, Landscape Architecture, Spiire

Solar Trees

This picture shows the ‘Solar Trees’ that are a bespoke product designed, manufactured and installed by Fleetwood, in conjunction with Spiire. The solar captured powers a phone charging hub below. These trees have been installed throughout Precinct 1 of the estate.

Another solar addition to the park.

The shelter was carefully designed to facilitate a solar capturing pad on the roof, to feed the power to the BBQ below the shelter.

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